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north bakery Opens Soon in Providence, Offering DanDan Hand Pies and Earl Grey Muffins

Photo: north bakery in progress/Twitter

north has proven itself to be a Providence destination well worth the trip down from Boston, and now the team (which includes alums of David Chang's Momofuku empire in New York City) is poised to softly open north bakery very soon — probably June 13, if all goes as planned.

"It will be a non-traditional American bakery, in the spirit of north," according to the website. "The menu will be rotating as we go through the different growing periods, sourcing locally when we can, but with a focus on always being delicious — if a bit different." There will also be a strong focus on coffee. Here's a look at the opening menu (prices are still being figured out), from intense dark chocolate tarts (ingredients: "chocolate, chocolate, chocolate") to dandan hand pies (goat, dried Chile, black pepper, napa, chive). north bakery, located at the corner of Battey and West Fountain Streets, will generally be open 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., although opening day might start closer to 8 a.m.

Crunchy Stuff (All Day)
· Sweet and Savory Granola (Oats, Cranberry, with yoghurt)
· Nut & Seed Bar (things and such)

Scones (All Day)
· Cheddar (Scallion, Roasted Jalapeno)
· Sweet Lemon (Rosemary)
· Garlic (Basil/Parmesan/Pine nut)

Muffins (All Day)
· Corn (Cotija/Black Pepper)
· Earl Grey (Chocolate)
· Coffee Coffee (Almond Streusel/Cinnamon)

Bars (All Day)
· Lemon Curd (Rosemary Crust)
· Dark Chocolate Brownie (Dutch Cocoa)
· Raspberry (Dark Chocolate/Almond Cake)

Cookies (All Day)
· Chocolate Chip
· Coconut Macaroon
· Dark Chocolate Meringue
· Faux-reos
· Snickerdoodles

Tarts (From 10am)
· Intense Dark Chocolate (Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate)
· Goat Cheesecake (Honey'd Strawberry/Graham)
· Lemon (Whole Wheat Crust/Toasted Egg White)

Cakes (From 11am)
· Carrot Carrot (Walnut Brittle/Warm Spices/Citrus C.C Frosting)
· Red Velvet (Chocolate Dacquoise/Whipped C.C Frosting)
· Lemon (Coffee Curd/Crispies Cocoa'd/Lemon Curd B.C)

Handpies (From 11am)
· DanDan (Goat/Dried Chile/Black Pepper/Napa/Chive)
· Potato Gratin (Caramelized Onion/Thyme/Swiss)

· Coffee Coffee
· Iced Coffee
· Americano
· Cappuccino
· Latte
· Cortado

· Green
· Black
· Herbal

· Mineragua
· Kombucha

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