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Where Are Boston's Best Bagels?

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Photo: Shutterstock/Chirtsova Natalia

Today, Eater DC examines whether or not you can get a good bagel in DC. This is a topic that comes up frequently in Boston as well, and readers often ask where to find bagels around here. It's poll time — where is the best bagel in Boston? Or are you still drifting, bagel-less, convinced that there's nothing of quality here? Cast your vote below, and feel free to leave a comment elaborating on your choice or alerting us to worthy options that we missed.

UPDATE: The poll is now closed.

Poll results

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Kupel's Bakery

421 Harvard Street, , MA 02446 (617) 566-9528 Visit Website


284 Washington Street, , MA 02445 (617) 505-1844 Visit Website