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'Maybe Some More Restaurants' from Barbara Lynch

Photo: Barbara Lynch/Hillary Dixler for Eater National

The Eater National team chatted with Barbara Lynch at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen on Friday, and she gave some updates on what she's up to next, from books to restaurants.

· She's "working on a lot of new things," but can't tell much yet, although she does provide a general list — "a couple of new books, a food product, a memoir, maybe some more restaurants" — before elaborating a bit.
· She'll launch her B. Lynch: Made product line of dehydrated vegetables in the fall. "It's like one pound of veggies in a two-and-a-half ounce box...we'll start with four products, and then every year I'll come out with three new ones..It's very healthy, and it's very accessible, and it's not expensive. You can get veggies without having to peel and chop. I do everything for you."
· Her memoir will be out next year. It's "pretty much almost halfway done."
· Other books in the work: "Wine books, cocktails, butchering, you name it. Everything we do."

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