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Here Come Massachusetts' First Jimmy John's Shops

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Photo: A Jimmy John's location/Official site

Jimmy John's, an Illinois-based sandwich chain founded in 1983, is opening its first Massachusetts shop at the Flats on D South Boston apartment complex, reports Universal Hub. Reactions are mixed, with some UHub commenters describing it as just a step above Subway while others praise its insanely fast delivery. One notes that another location is planned for the Charlesview retail space on Western Avenue in Brighton.

On the menu: the J.J. Gargantuan, a sub piled with five types of meat, cheese, mayo, and more, clocking in at a mere 1134 calories and 55.3 grams of fat. There are also a variety of eight-inch subs, "giant" club sandwiches, and "plain slims," simple subs (ham & cheese, roast beef, etc.) On the side, there are chips, pickles, and cookies.
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