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Will Cambridge Allow a Pho Kup?

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After Tamarind House closed a few months back, it appeared that a new Thai and Vietnamese restaurant would take its place on Massachusetts Avenue, right by Porter Square. In licensing info, it was referred to as DD Restaurant, and later, a sign on the restaurant referred to it as Pho House. The name has now reportedly taken a turn for the inappropriately punny: Pho Kup. Boston Restaurant Talk reports on the new name thanks to a few Twitter users who spotted a sign go up recently. Since nothing has appeared in licensing info since the initial bit of news in March, it seems likely that the name Pho Kup has not yet earned the licensing commission's seal of approval. Regardless of what the name turns out to be, the place is set to open in August, according to the sign.

· Pho Kup plans to open in Cambridge [BRT]
[Photo: Tamarind House/Facebook]