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JP's Empty Tonic May Lead to Chinese Food

Photo: Facebook/Tonic Boston

They opened. They lost their chef. They went on vacation. They cited medical reasons. They closed. They opened again. They went on vacation again. They closed again. That's the quick recap of Tonic, a former restaurant in the Forest Hills section of the city. It was December 2012 when they finally closed the doors for good. Since then, the space has been empty, with owner Coran McCormack citing construction, traffic, and loitering alcoholics as the main reasons for not being able to seal the deal with a new development.

McCormack recently appeared before the Boston Licensing Board for a second time in a year to maintain ownership of his liquor license and the ability to lease it. This comes along with the news that the owners of The Wok, a Wellesley Chinese food restaurant, are currently in seemingly promising negotiations for the space, Universal Hub reports. The expansion of The Wok would mean the first Chinese food restaurant with table service to occupy that section of the city in years.

The post on Universal Hub goes on to express McCormack's frustration with the whole process and losing money while his license is going unused. He also said that he would consider selling the liquor license, which could go for as much as $300,000, if he can't find someone to take over the spot.

The Wok has been open in Wellesley since the late 1970s and serves classic Chinese-American dishes. Hon Pui, one of the owners, worked for Joyce Chen before opening his own restaurant.
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