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Soon You Can Eat Ice Cream at South Station

The Auntie Anne's pretzel shop inside South Station is spawning a Carvel "express shoppe," opening this Thursday, June 12, according to a press release. It's the first Boston location of Carvel, an 80-year-old ice cream chain, and part of an expansion that will include multiple full and express-sized franchises around the state. For opening day, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., kids' cups and cones (vanilla, chocolate, or twist soft-serve) are available for 80 cents each in honor of the chain's 80th anniversary. (There will also be a person in a "Fudgie the whale" costume.) In addition to plain cups and cones of soft-serve, Carvel offers a "Carvelanche" (soft-serve with candy mix-ins), sundaes, and shakes.
· Carvel [Official Site]