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What Are Boston's Most Iconic Sandwiches?

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Photo: The shuttered Chez Henri, once home of the iconic pressed Cuban/Official Site

Over a year ago, we put forth a list of Boston's most iconic sandwiches, including everything from Cutty's pork fennel and pork rabe sandwiches to the dearly departed Chez Henri's pressed Cuban. Times change, restaurants close, and sandwiches grow stale, so the map is due for an update. Before we put forth the shiny new 2014 iconic sandwich map, we wanted to open the floor up for debate. What sandwiches do you think should be included? Which picks from last year are overrated? Leave a comment below or tweet at @EaterBoston with the hashtag #BOSsandwiches to add your input. Keep in mind that we're looking for iconic sandwiches, not just your personal favorites.
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