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The Early Word on La Brasa

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Photo: La Brasa/Rachel Leah Blumenthal

La Brasa, one of the most anticipated restaurants of 2014 — and 2013 — finally opened in late April, and the amateur reviews, blog posts, and such have started trickling in. Here's what people are saying already, from chicken raves to pudding rants.

The Fun Bartender News: "A dapper bartender — handsome and he knows it — swivels his hips as he shakes a martini," writes Kara Baskin in a "Quick Bite" review for the Globe. As a whole, the bartenders are "bubbly and bright-eyed." Also, the saddle-shaped bar stools are "very anatomically correct, and cozy." [BG]

The Bon-Chon Chicken News: "The bon-chon chicken was terrific," writes smtucker on Chowhound. "Perhaps a little less spicy than a true bon-chon chicken, but the balance of spicy, sweet, salty was pretty well done. The skin was crispy, crispy, and the meat was cooked perfectly." Another user, Small Plates, describes it as "otherworldly." [CH]

The Living-in-the-Moment News: "I realized when we were finishing up and about to leave that I had spent the entire meal just glad to be right there," writes Eastie on Chowhound. "I wasn't thinking about where to go next, or if I was tired, or worrying about work, or all the things I have to get done tomorrow." [CH]

The Holy-Sh*t-This-Lobster News: "holy sh*t! this lobster," writes @megtallon. (Yes, there's a photo.) [Twitter]

The Good Food News: "the food was excellent: incredibly fresh and great choices of ingredients, unique, creative and pleasant flavors, precise executions, oh and beautiful ceramics," writes blogger Bunny and Pork Belly, who also shares some delightfully food porn-y photos. [BaPB]

The New Favorite News: "I had no idea I was on a search, but alas I was," writes Yelper Zac M. "La Brasa is my new favorite restaurant in the Boston area. The entrees (meat) are out of this world. Just go. As soon as you can." [Yelp]

The Sick-of-Tapas News: "Nothing stood out," writes Yelper Jennifer P. "I'm getting tired of the tapas trend. Everything just gets mixed up on your plate and all the flavors blend." [Yelp]

The Disappointing Pudding News: "They only offered one dessert — pudding," writes Yelper Rebecca L. "Not a good start but we figured we'd go with the flow and ordered it. Let's just say the boxed Jello Brand pudding is leaps and bounds better and approx $5-$6 cheaper. Not to mention the pudding was that expensive for the tiniest cup ever." [Yelp]
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La Brasa

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