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New Food Truck Pairs Sicily with Louisiana

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A food truck called Madear's Cucina will one day hit the streets of Boston, according to the truck's Twitter account, which notes that it will be serving a combination of "Louisiana and Sicilian food." Some examples, according to the truck's Facebook page: fried chicken, mustard greens, baked catfish, fried catfish, and crawfish. Facebook further describes the cuisine as "Southern Comfort from the Inside Out. Louisiana comfort food with Sicilian accents."

There's a motherly theme to the truck: "Madear" is a slang term of endearment for moms, and the truck is soliciting photographs "of different Madear's and mother figures from all over" for potential decorative use. Stay tuned for a launch date.
· @MadearsCucina [Twitter]
· Madear's Cucina [FB]
[Image: Facebook]