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Dumpling House Could Open This Month in Central

Photo: Dumpling House in late January/Courtesy of a reader

Dumpling House could open in about two weeks, according to a Chowhound poster who was invited inside while peeking through the windows. The restaurant shares a few partners with the popular (and similarly named) Gourmet Dumpling House in Chinatown. The Chowhound poster had the chance to look at the menu and describes it as "very similar" to Gourmet Dumpling House but with "more options and lunch specials."

Gourmet Dumpling House is particularly known for its xiao long bao — dumplings filled with soup and meat (often pork or a mix of pork and crabmeat). On the menu, they appear as "mini juicy dumplings," and they're also commonly referred to as "soup dumplings." Xiao long bao aren't as prevalent in Boston as they are in some other cities, but they can also be found at a few other Chinatown spots, including Dumpling Cafe and Taiwan Cafe. They're even harder to find on the other side of the river, although the soon-to-reopen Zoe's, located on the Somerville side of Porter Square, offers them.

Dumpling House, which will have about 96 seats, is opening in the former tea house section of the Greater Boston Buddhist Cultural Space on Massachusetts Avenue, and it won't serve alcohol, at least for the time being. Residents in the upstairs condos had expressed concerns about late-night hours and alcohol, so Dumpling House withdrew an application for a beer and wine license and agreed to a 10 p.m. closing time at a hearing awhile back.
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Gourmet Dumpling House

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Dumpling Cafe

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Dumpling House

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Dumpling House

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