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What to Expect in the H Mart Food Court

Photo: An H Mart, Flickr/Michael Kappel

H Mart, a beloved Asian supermarket chain with locations across the country, is finally opening its long-planned Central Square location on April 23. (The nearest existing outpost is in Burlington.) In addition to a wide range of Asian groceries, the store will have a food court that seats 120. According to licensing documents from July, customers will be permitted to sit down and eat retail items purchased in the store in addition to prepared food from the three vendors. Here's what customers can expect from those vendors.

Sapporo Sushi & Ramen: Of the food court vendors, this is perhaps the most familiar to local folks, since it's related to Sapporo Ramen, a popular spot at the Porter Exchange in Porter Square. Back in August, blogger Japanese-American in Boston provided some details about the H Mart location. For one thing, the menu will be "completely different." Plus, there will be the addition of sushi, offered in collaboration with Jose Garcia, who owns Ebi Sushi in Union Square. (He is also the brother of Carlos Garcia, who owns two of Sapporo's neighboring spots at the Exchange, Cafe Mami and Ittyo.)

Go! Go! Curry: This curry chain has 70 locations in Japan and a few scattered in other parts of the world. The only US locations are currently in New York, where there are four. The menu revolves around rices topped with various meats in a black, thick curry sauce. "Go" means "five" in Japanese, so "Go! Go!" is an homage to former baseball player, Hideki Matsui, number 55, who is from Kanazawa — the region where this style of curry originated. Accordingly, some dishes have baseball-inspired names.

Paris Baguette: This bakery, which has thousands of locations around the world, will be selling breads, pastries, and other baked goods, as well as sandwiches and beverages (including bubble tea). Here's the chain's full menu.
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H Mart

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