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The Girl Scouts of the USA Are Not Amused by Nookie's Naughty Girl Scout 3.0 Ice Cream

Photo: Commonwealth/Meg Jones Wall

Commonwealth's Steve "Nookie" Postal makes a range of ice cream flavors in-house, selling them at Commonwealth's market and combining them with toppings for dessert in the restaurant. One of the flavors, Naughty Girl Scout 3.0, will now cease to exist thanks to a cease-and-desist letter from the actual Girl Scouts, who are presumably not amused by the "naughty" moniker but definitely not ok with the use of their trademarked name, particularly due to their existing licensing relationships with ice cream and yogurt brands.

Nookie passed along the letter to Eater and notes that he will indeed discontinue the flavor entirely rather than continue to sell it with a new name. "I planned on stopping it anyway," he adds. "We are a super seasonal restaurant, and Girl Scout cookie season is coming to an end. But the messed up thing was that I was buying them from real Girl Scouts and trying to help them. I paid for them with money right out of my pocket. I was at the store, and I saw them sitting out front; I would buy them to help them, at four bucks a box."

"I'm not making any money off them," says Nookie, noting that he was using premium ingredients like Mapleline milk and cream and organic eggs to create the flavor, "but they see it differently. No more Thin Mints for me."

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