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The Upcoming Cafe Artscience Has an Amazing Team

Image: Rendering of a store component of the Cambridge lab/

David Edwards — a Harvard University instructor as well as a scientist, a creator of interesting culinary gadgets, and lots more — has a Paris-based lab called Le Laborataire, a "contemporary art & design center," and the lab has a new sibling in Cambridge's Kendall Square, WikiFoods. Edwards has gotten lots of press for his creation of things like chocolates and energy shots that are breathed in, and in an effort to eliminate wasteful food packaging, he's been working on WikiPearls, ice cream wrapped in edible skins. Locally, he expanded this idea to frozen yogurt "pearls" in conjunction with Stonyfield Farm. In Paris, his cafe WikiBar tests other foods in WikiPearl form.

Soon, Boston will be able to try more of Edwards' creations. Opening this September next to his new Cambridge lab, there will be an affiliated restaurant, Cafe Artscience, and the team behind it is pretty insane, as reported by Boston Magazine. There's Todd Maul, noted cocktail magician from Clio, Patrick Campbell, Eastern Standard's chef, and Tom Mastricola, Commonwealth general manager with a well-respected cocktail background.

According to an earlier New York Times article that came out before the team was named, there will be an "experimental drinks program" as well as custom-made glassware. "What I was doing at Clio were baby steps as compared to what is possible," Maul tells Boston Magazine. He'll be at Clio through the end of May.

Cafe Artscience will have about 120 seats, plus a 23-seat bar, and on certain Sundays, the restaurant's test kitchen will open up to the public, showcasing the more experimental creations and giving diners an opportunity to provide feedback.
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Eastern Standard

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Commonwealth (Cambridge)

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Cafe Artscience

650 Kendall Street, Cambridge, MA