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Is Top Chef Season 12 Shooting in Boston?

Photo: Kristen Kish/Mercure Photography

Back before Top Chef season 10, rumors were swirling that the producers were deciding between Portland, Oregon and Boston, but alas, a Boston season did not come to pass. Now, though, a reliable source tells Eater that season 12 is shooting here. The internet rumor mill is nearly silent on the subject, but one man posted on Facebook, "Fun to share that my bro Pete is busy providing sound engineering for TV for Top Chef Boston." Indeed, a man who appears to be his brother is a sound engineer with plenty of television credits, so it seems plausible. Casting for this season began in February, so it also makes sense that shooting would begin in the near future.

Boston is home to season 10 winner Kristen Kish, as well as Stephanie Cmar, a strong season 11 cheftestepant, and Tiffani Faison, a runner-up way back in the inaugural season, so the city would be a logical next stop for the Bravo show. Hit up the tipline if you've got any intel, and keep an eye out for out-of-town chefs running around town.

UPDATE: A tipster writes in to say that she is connected (by a few degrees of separation) to someone who is working on the show and that it is "most likely in Boston and they'll be shooting in about a month."

UPDATE 2: Yes.
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