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Mick Dundee Pie Challenge; Klein on Pampered Chickens

EAST BOSTON — KO at the Shipyard hosts its fourth Mick Dundee Pie Challenge this Sunday, April 27, from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Tickets, which are almost sold out, are $50 — but that covers up to five people, so grab one and round up four hungry friends. Meat pies galore. Plus, a portion of proceeds will go to a charity picked by the winning chef. Competitors include Daniel Amighi of Ribelle, Michael Serpa of Neptune Oyster, Nuno Alves of of Tavolo, defending champ Sam Jackson of KO, and more. [Eventbrite]

BACK BAY — Boston Magazine interviews Rachel Klein of Liquid Art House, which is set to open on May 6, about "pampered chickens," Daniel Boulud, and lots more. Also, they've got the latest version of the menu. [BM]

NORTH END — This Sunday, April 27, from noon to 5 p.m., there's a "neighborhood shopping & tasting stroll" through the North End, dubbed Shop & Nibble. 16 shops have each partnered with a restaurant to offer free food samples in the shops all afternoon. [NE Waterfront]
[Photo: KO Pies at the Shipyard/Cal Bingham]

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