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Burger Pop-Up Tonight; Uyghur Food Truck on the Way

SOUTH END — Tonight (Thursday, April 17) from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m., Sam Monsour and Richard Chudy — authors of an upcoming burger cookbook — descend on Boston Chops for Super Burger Bros. Pop-Up, Level 1. As the name suggests, it's the first in a series of pop-ups that they'll be doing around the city leading up to the book launch. The night involves a complimentary hot dog amuse bouche and an a la carte menu of special burgers, as well as the usual Boston Chops late-night menu (burgers, fries, boozy milkshakes). [FB]

HUB-WIDE — Uyghur Kitchen, which describes itself as "the first Uyghur food truck in America," is planning to hit the road in Boston shortly. Uyghurs are Turkic people under Chinese rule, and the lamb kebab is a staple of the cuisine. Owner Payzulla Polat tells that a restaurant could happen down the road: "[The truck is] a good way to advertise and introduce our brand, and to spread the name Uyghur around the region with a movable vehicle. Our goal for the future is to open a restaurant that can truly represent our people and our culture as well." [Official/BRT/]

SOUTH END — Second Glass' Wine Riot takes place tomorrow and Saturday (April 18 and 19) at the Park Plaza Castle, and there are still plenty of tickets available. $60 gets you four hours of wine tasting and rioting. [Official Site]
[Photo: Boston Chops/Rachel Leah Blumenthal]

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