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Wahlburgers Has Finally Nailed Down a Boston Space

Photo: Wahlburgers, Hingham/Facebook

It's been clear from day one that the Wahlbergs wanted to expand Wahlburgers, their Hingham burger-focused restaurant (and subject of a reality show), into Boston proper and beyond. Weirdly, they were able to secure a lease in Canada long before anything on the local front.

Now, reports the Boston Business Journal, the soon-to-be-chain is about to sign a lease for a 4,200-square-foot space in Fenway, and they're aiming to open by the end of the year. Meanwhile, another will open in Lynnfield in the summer of 2015, and five franchises are in the works for the Philadelphia metro area. There's also "a longer-term plan to open several more in the Boston area."
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