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The Pizza Underground Plays; Watertown Food Trucks

FENWAY — The Pizza Underground, a pizza-themed Velvet Underground tribute band that includes Macaulay Culkin, plays this Saturday night at Church. Boston Magazine tried to get an interview with Culkin but was told to merely email some pizza-related questions for one representative of the band to potentially answer. Pizza-tinged metaphors about waning fame ensued. [BM]

AUDUBON CIRCLE — A $16 million apartment building project will likely be approved by the Boston Redevelopment Authority for the space currently occupied by a location of The Elephant Walk. The French and Cambodian restaurant has been offered a space in the new building, but they're concerned about a long construction time, so they've begun to look around for other spaces in order to hopefully be open elsewhere during construction. There's also a location over the river in Porter Square. [BBJ]

WATERTOWN — Starting on April 21, there will be food trucks by the Commander's Mansion every weekday from noon until 2 p.m. The current line-up: Biryani Park on Mondays, Bone Daddy's Burgers on Tuesdays, Fugu Truck and Taco Party on Wednesdays, Cupcake City on Thursdays, and Frozen Hoagies and The Chicken & Rice Guys on Fridays. There's room for a few more if other vendors are interested in joining in. [Watertown News]
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The Elephant Walk (South End)

1415 Washington St, Boston, MA 02118


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