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DooWee Pops Up for a Little Longer; Bantam Opens Soon

SOMERVILLE/ALLSTON — The DooWee & Rice pop-up back at the old Somerville space will last for about two more weeks, and once it's gone, Teriyaki House will open in its place (continuing to serve a few DooWee dishes). Meanwhile, construction for the new DooWee & Rice within Allston's Wonder Bar is almost underway. [FB]

UNION SQUARE — The Bantam Cider Tap Room is celebrating its grand opening this Saturday, March 8. (The event is already sold out.) Stay tuned for tasting and tour hours. [Eventbrite]

BACK BAY — The licensing board is getting antsy about the beer & wine license it granted to Restoration Hardware last year, which it has not yet begun to use. The furniture store wants to open a wine bar within the store but hasn't been able to get ISD approval yet. The board has warned the store that it will think about yanking the license if it doesn't get used soon. [UHub]
[Photo: DooWee & Rice/Official Site]