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Tia's Is Open for the Season; Veggie Ramen at YWK

WATERFRONT — Another sign of spring: Tia's opened for the season a week ago. Time for some patio cocktails and lobsters. Well, maybe not today. [FB]

PORTER SQUARE — Yume Wo Katare's first vegetarian ramen event, taking place this Sunday, has sold out, but tickets will go on sale for the next one, taking place on April 13, during normal business hours tonight. Dubbed Pop Ramen, the pop-up-within-a-restaurant will take place on various Sundays with vegetarian ramen available at $10 a bowl (plus $1 to add a meat topping). Tickets must be purchased in advance at Yume Wo Katare during normal hours. [FB]

HUB-WIDE — Oldways, a Boston-based food and nutrition education organization, celebrates "Whole Grain Sampling Day" on April 2 every year, encouraging people around the country to eat more whole grains. A few Boston brands are participating this year; Bon Me will be promoting its brown rice bowls and soba noodle salads, while Clover will be promoted whole grain soups, salads, and pita bread. Dunkin' Donuts is offering a buy-one-get-one-free deal on whole grain and multigrain bagels all week, from March 31 to April 6 (Dunkin' Mobile App required to get the deal). [Oldways]
[Photo: Facebook]