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A Patio for Ribelle; A Brondog for Bronwyn

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WASHINGTON SQUARE — Get ready for some rebellious warm-weather meals: Ribelle is getting a patio. The restaurant is also now open seven days a week instead of closing on Tuesday, and there's brunch on both Saturday and Sunday. Incidentally, they're hiring. [FB]

UNION SQUARE — Say hello to Bronwyn's brand new hot dog, obviously called the Brondog, launching tonight (available at the bar). It's $10, and there's sauerkraut, emmenthaler, and more, plus a side of paprika chips. []

FORT POINT — Pastoral still didn't open this week, as was the most recent plan, but it's happening "very soon." Keep your fingers crossed and your eyes on their Facebook page for updates. [FB]
[Photo: Ribelle/Nick DiNatale]


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255 Washington Street, , MA 02143 (617) 776-9900 Visit Website