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Boston Chefs on Their Favorite 'Hidden' Pizzas

Photos, clockwise from upper left: Mistral/Cal Bingham, Newtowne Grille/Foursquare

For the next portion of the Pizza Week 2014 survey, Boston chefs let us in on their favorite spots to get pizza that aren't known for pizza.

Carla and Christine Pallotta, Co-Owners of Nebo: "Parzialie Bakery's pizza squares."

Dave Werthman, Bar Manager at The Sinclair: "Newtowne Grille, a dive bar by Porter Square. Not necessarily good, but something like $5 gets you a pizza and a pitcher of PBR."

Nicki Hobson, Chef de Cuisine at Island Creek Oyster Bar: "My pick would be Lineage in Brookline. I will go there as often as I can for that perfect semolina dough, daily changing toppings, and a fried egg on top. That is a simple yet key ingredient when it comes to a good pizza. The 100% wood-burning oven doesn't hurt either."

Phil Frattaroli, Owner of Ducali: "Coppa's Bone Marrow Pizza"

Dante de Magistris, Executive Chef and Co-Owner of Restaurant dante and il Casale: "Lincoln has an extensive menu and the focus is not on pizza, however their pizza is very good. They are using interesting ingredients and good technique. This would be my place of choice when I am in the mood for interestingly topped pizza. When I'm not going out for my typical margherita pizza, this is where I go. Another good spot is Bricco after 11p.m. They do great pizza in a wood-fired oven on the weekends. Quattro is also very good."

Tom Borgia, Executive Chef of Russell House Tavern: "When get a second I usually run over to Pinocchio's. Well-known in Harvard Square but somewhat hidden geographically."

Rodney Murillo, Culinary Director of Davio's: "Mistral is such a high-end French restaurant, but they have a beef tenderloin pizza on the bar that's amazing. You wouldn't go there for pizza, but everyone should try it."

James DiSabatino, Founder/CEO of Roxy's Grilled Cheese: "Man, the other day there was a Salty Pig pizza just sitting on a table, and I wasn't hungry, but I pretty much just breathed the whole thing in. It was insane. I don't know if they're known for their pizza, but now I know them for their pizza. Also, I know it's a neighborhood spot, but Bella Luna's pizza is worth traveling to JP for."

Will Gilson, Chef/Owner of Puritan & Co.: "I've had some pretty tasty late-night flatbreads from Eastern Standard…not 'pizza' by my definition though."

Josh Bhatti, Bowery Presents & The Sinclair: "A bit outside of Boston, but in my hometown of Plainville, The North End Deli has amazing Sicilian pizza. It's unreal. In fact, if I write any more about it, I'll have to drive down there."

John DeSimone, Co-Owner of MAST' (coming soon): "I'm not sure if it's considered hidden, but originally known as 'Leone's — King of Subs' — anyone from the Winter Hill Somerville area knows that for thick, chewy, tray-style pizza, Leone's is the one and only. Usually I'm not a fan of this kind of pizza, but Leone's is the exception. With its unique sauce, blend of cheese and spices, and fluffy yet chewy dough, this pizza is addictive. If you're lucky enough to catch a slice right out of the oven, you are in for a real treat."

Anthony DePinto, Co-Owner of MAST' (coming soon): "Artu in the North End. Only offered at the bar."

Mike Keon, Co-Owner of OTTO: "There was a pasta place on Hanover Street in the North End called Trio's. They made fresh pasta, but they would also make a limited amount of focaccia pizzas featuring their fresh pasta. They would usually run out by lunchtime."
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The Salty Pig

130 Dartmouth Street, , MA 02116 (617) 536-6200 Visit Website

Eastern Standard

528 Commonwealth Avenue, , MA 02215 (617) 532-9100 Visit Website


917 Glacier Avenue, , AK 99801 (907) 586-3500 Visit Website


242 Harvard Street, Brookline, MA 02446 617 232 0065


223 Columbus Avenue, , MA 02116 (617) 867-9300 Visit Website

Lincoln Tavern & Restaurant

425 West Broadway, , MA 02127 (617) 765-8636 Visit Website