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Boston Chefs on Their Favorite Calzones

Is Boston much of a calzone city? Perhaps not, but for Calzone Power Hour, some local chefs and restaurant owners told us about their favorites.

Rodney Murillo, Culinary Director of Davio's: "I would have to say Picco in the South End of Boston. The crust is very light, not too doughy, very crispy. All fresh ingredients, made to order. Light and airy."

Will Gilson, Chef/Owner of Puritan & Co.: "Galleria Umberto. I like the ham and ricotta one."

John DeSimone, Co-Owner of MAST' (coming soon): "Galleria Umberto in the North End — they keep it simple and fresh. They make a set number of them per day, and when they are gone, they close up shop."

Josh Bhatti, Bowery Presents & The Sinclair: "The North End Deli [in Plainville]. They sell them fresh and frozen; I stock up every time I go down to Plainville."

Kosta Diamantopoulos, Co-Owner of All Star Pizza Bar and All Star Sandwich Bar: "My favorite calzone is the steak bomb calzone with extra American cheese at Fauci's Pizza in Lynn. They must put 100 pounds of sugar in their dough, and when you eat it with a steak bomb (dipped in marinara of course), it's heaven in your mouth."

James DiSabatino, Founder/CEO of Roxy's Grilled Cheese: "I think I love the calzone at the Brown Jug in Chelsea the best. I don't know why. Probably just because it's perfect, and I don't have to explain myself. If anything, it's the best calzone in the world located next to a Sally Beauty Supply store, by far."

Dante de Magistris, Executive Chef and Co-Owner of Restaurant dante and il Casale: "Not something I eat too often, however my menu testing for il Casale Campana [his upcoming Lexington restaurant] is filling my belly especially with pizze fritte (fried calzone)..."

Phil Frattaroli, owner of Ducali: "The lobster, guanciale and mascarpone calzone Ducali made for Dante's Calzone Throwdown in 2012. We came in second behind Menton and beat out some of the best restaurants in the city."
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