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Pizza Week Is Coming on Monday. Prepare Yourselves.

It's saucy. It's cheesy. It's crusty. It's Pizza Week 2014, and it's coming to your computer screens, mobile browsers, and telepathic pizza-loving brain wavelengths this Monday, March 17, and lasting all week long here on Eater Boston and throughout the rest of the Eater universe.

We'll still be covering the regular news, but the week will also be jam-packed with more pizza-themed coverage than you can shake a cheesy garlic breadstick at. Prepare for an onslaught of maps, interviews, photo series, and more. While we're boxing up the last delicious bits and slices, we welcome your input on a few topics in particular.

· Do you have any pizza delivery horror stories? These can be either from the customer side or the staff side. Did you open your hot, freshly delivered pizza to find a venomous snake waiting to strike? Did you embark on your first day on the delivery job to get greeted by a naked person behind every door? Give us your best (or worst).
· What are Boston's most iconic pizza places?
· Is there anywhere to get a good calzone around here?
· If you grew up in the Boston area, what's your earliest pizza memory?

To share your pizza thoughts, please email us (let us know if you'd like to be credited by name or remain anonymous if we end up sharing your story). You can also hit up the completely anonymous contact form if you'd rather.