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Yume Wo Katare Spawns Vegetarian Ramen Pop-Up

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People who don't eat pork have thus far been unable to eat at Yume Wo Katare, where the choice is ramen with pork or ramen with more pork. Now, the Porter Square ramen shop is spawning an internal pop-up called Pop Ramen, taking place on occasional Sundays and featuring a vegetarian miso ramen. The contents, according to Yume Wo Katare's Facebook page: soup, noodles, moyashi (bean sprouts), yakinori (seaweed), negi (green onions), ninniku (garlic), spicy chili sauce, and an ajitama (seasoned soft boiled egg). Those who still do want pork can add it on for an extra $1; the basic bowl is $10.

54 bowls are available each time, and tickets must be purchased in advance during normal business hours at the restaurant. The first will take place on March 30, and subsequent dates will be announced on Facebook.
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Yume Wo Katare

1923 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA