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Hi-Fi Pizza Closing, Or Not; Franks Outside of Fenway

CENTRAL SQUARE — Cambridge's decades-old Hi-Fi Pizza is closing...or not. Wicked Local Cambridge reports that it has closed, but Boston Restaurant Talk reports that it was at least open this afternoon, and Restaurant Hub reports that an employee said that they're "figuring things out." If it is indeed closing, another restaurant will apparently not take its place, the landlord told Wicked Local, because it would be too expensive to bring the space up to code. [Various]

FENWAY — The Red Sox got the necessary approval to sell Fenway franks from a stand on Lansdowne Street on non-game days. There will also be burgers and soda, but no beer. [UHub]

SOUTH END — A bar called The Cathedral Place could take over the space of The Red Fez in the South End, and many staff members from the recently closed Fritz are apparently involved. UPDATE: Looks like it will actually be called Cathedral Station. [BosGuy]
[Photo: Flickr/12thSonofLama]