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Do Sex and Misspellings Sell Steak?

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Photo: Charles Draghi/Facebook

The Boston food circles have been having an internet field day with a short-lived ad for Strip by Strega, the new questionably-named Nick Varano project going into the former Whiskey Park space. Erbaluce proprietor Charles Draghi shared a photo of the ad on Facebook yesterday, captioning it: "A city gets the restaurants that investors dream of; but, it maintains the ones it deserves." If the uncomfortably posed model gazing blankly at a dangling piece of raw meat isn't cringe-inducing enough, there's also the misspelling of "allure" to ruffle feathers. This morning,'s Restaurant Hub blog reports that that portion of the ad is gone. There's still a stiletto-clad leg stepping on a steak as well as a note that it'll open in the fall.

Various amounts of disgust and mocking have trickled across several social media channels about the initial ad, and Universal Hub's coverage of the situation has triggered a fantastic set of steak puns (and obligatory political trolls) to brighten your Monday morning.

Strip by Strega will be the newest addition to Varano's family of restaurants, which includes Strega Waterfront, Strega Ristorante in the North End, and more. Strip by Strega's menu will most closely mirror that of Strega Prime out in Woburn, which features steaks priced mostly in the upper-$40 range.

UPDATE: has shared a response from the PR team that represents the restaurant. Perhaps on purpose, it includes the word "alluring" — spelled properly.
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Strip by Strega

64 Arlington St, Boston, MA 02116