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Big Daddy's Pizza's Twitter Feed Is Strange & Wonderful

Image: Twitter/@BDPizzaBrighton

With just under 6,000 followers and a feed full of bizarre updates, the @horse_ebooks of the Boston restaurant scene is none other than the Twitter account of an unassuming Brighton pizza joint, Big Daddy's Pizza & Steak Subs. Every day, the person (or bot?) behind the account unleashes a string of weird facts and occasional memes (or instructions on how to fold a towel into an elephant) — just yesterday alone, there were over 100 updates. "If you apply an electric current to a pickle, it will glow in the dark," shared @BDPizzaBrighton helpfully.

That's not an usual pace for the account, which was opened up just under three years ago. With a total of 55,552 tweets (until later today, probably), that's an average of about 50 every single day. It doesn't appear to be the work of a hacker, because the restaurant's more obviously legit Facebook page used to post strings of similar updates; early 2013 was full of them. Here are some of the most intriguing recent updates from the @BDPizzaBrighton Twitter account:

· @BDPizzaBrighton [Twitter]

Big Daddy's Pizza & Steak Subs

436 Western Avenue, , MA 02135 (617) 787-1080 Visit Website

Big Daddy's Pizza ,Steak Subs & Burgers

436 Western Avenue, , MA 02135 (617) 787-1080 Visit Website