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What's #OpenInBOS During the Storm?

Photo: Shutterstock/Pepgooner

So, there's a little bit of snow on the ground. A number of school cancellations and parking emergencies have been announced, and restaurants have begun to share altered hours and snow-day specials. Here's a list of what's open and what's closed today, Wednesday, February 5th. The list will be updated throughout the day, so send in additions and corrections to the tipline or use the hashtag #OpenInBOS on Twitter.

· 1369 Coffeehouse: Open. Order a "snowman" for a free mini hot chocolate.
· 3 Little Figs: Open.
· 6B Martini Lounge: Open.
· 80 Thoreau: Open. Winter warmers include hot buttered rum and the Tom & Jerry.
· A4 Pizza: Open at 5pm.
· Abby Lane: Open regular hours with regular menu.
· Alden & Harlow: Open at 5pm.
· All Star Pizza Bar: Open regular hours.
· All Star Sandwich Bar: Open regular hours.
· Amelia's Trattoria: Open and serving a special polenta menu.
· Los Amigos: Open regular hours in Newtonville and West Roxbury.
· Amsterdam Falafelshop: Open at noon.
· Artu: Open for dinner.
· Audubon Circle: Open.
· Aurum Restaurant: Open.
· B&G Oysters: Open.
· Bacco's Wine + Cheese: Open.
· Back Bay Harry's: Open regular hours with regular menu.
· Barcelona Wine Bar and Restaurant: Open.
· Barracuda Tavern: Open.
· Battery Park: Open.
· Beacon Hill Bistro: Open.
· Beat Hotel: Open.
· The Beehive: Open.
· Bee's Knees Supply Co.: Open until 2:30pm. Special: free pastry with any coffee or latte purchase.
· Bella Luna & The Milky Way: Open at 5pm as usual.
· Belly Wine Bar:Open at 5pm.
· Biltmore Bar and Grill: Open at 11:30am.
· Bistro du Midi: Open regular hours (5pm-10pm in the upstairs dining room; 11:30am-10pm in the cafe and bar).
· Bleacher Bar: Open.
· Blue Dragon: Open for lunch and dinner.
· Blue Inc.: Open regular hours with regular menu.
· The Blue Room: Open at 5pm.
· Blunch: Open.
· BOKX 109: Open.
· Boloco: Open.
· Boston Chops: Open and offering dollar oysters at the bar throughout the storm.
· Brew: Open.
· Bukowski Tavern: Both locations open regular hours.
· Cafeteria: Open.
· Cambridge Brewing Co.: Open for lunch at 11:30am.
· Canary Square: Open today (but may close early).
· Il Casale: Open regular hours (5pm-10pm dinner; 4:30pm-11pm bar; sfizi menu available at the bar after 9:30pm).
· Cask 'n Flagon: Open in Fenway and offering complimentary hot chocolate, tea, and coffee for all city workers clearing the streets and sidewalks during the storm.
· Catalyst: Open.
· Central Bottle Wine + Provisions: Open as usual at 11am.
· Charlie's Sandwich Shoppe: Open.
· Church: Open.
· City Bar: Open.
· City Feed: Open and delivering within two miles.
· City Table: Open at 5pm.
· Cocobeet: Open.
· Coda Bar + Kitchen: Open as usual at 11:30am.
· Common Ground: Open.
· Commonwealth: Will try to open for dinner. (Closed for lunch.)
· Coppa: Open at noon, and there is hot buttered rum.
· Craft Beer Cellar: Open in Newton and Belmont.
· Craigie on Main: Open at 5:30pm.
· Cuppacoffee: Open.
· Cutty's: Open until 3pm.
· dbar: Open and still offering the planned "Wines of Portugal" menu tonight (four courses with wine pairings; $55/person)
· Deep Ellum: Open regular hours (11am-2am).
· Deuxave: Open.
· Ducali: Open for lunch and dinner. If you purchase a Sam Adams Cold Snap, you can get the lobster arancini for half the usual price.
· Emmet's Irish Pub: Open.
· Empire: Open for dinner.
· Ernesto's Pizza: Open at 3pm.
· Estelle's: Open regular hours (11:30am-2am) and serving a special sloppy po' boy ($11.95) — wicked hot sausage in tomato sauce with cheddar cheese & fried onions.
· Fairsted Kitchen: Open.
· Farmstead Table: Hoping to open at 5pm for dinner. (Closed for lunch.)
· Figaro's: Open and offering a "shitty day special" — free small soup or smoked gouda mac & cheese with purchase of sandwich.
· Finale: Both locations open today. Buy one pastry from the bakery and get a second one free (take-out only if it's after 5pm).
· Firebrand Saints: Open for now.
· Five Horses Tavern: South End location open; Davis Square not yet confirmed.
· Flat Top Johnny's: Open regular hours.
· Formaggio Kitchen: Open until 7pm.
· Forum: Open.
· Foumami: Open.
· Fuji at Kendall: Open.
· Garden at the Cellar: Open regular hours (lunch until 2:30pm, dinner 5pm-10pm, downstairs bar 4pm-1am).
· GARI Japanese Bistro: Open in Needham.
· Gather: Open.
· Gourmet Boutique: Open at 1pm.
· Grafton Street: Open regular hours.
· Grass Fed: Open.
· Green Briar Pub: Open at 4pm, but no Paint Nite.
· Grendel's Den: Open.
· Grill 23: Open for dinner.
· Grotto: Open regular hours.
· The Haven: Open.
· Harvard Gardens: Open.
· Harvest: Open for lunch and dinner.
· Heirloom Kitchen: Mention the phrase "snowstorm special" at checkout to get a free appetizer with double entree purchase.
· Hi-Rise Bread Co.: Mass. Ave. cafe open; Huron Village location open.
· Hit Wicket: Open at 3pm.
· Hugh O'Neill's Pub: Open.
· JJ Foley's: Open at 11:30am.
· jm Curley: Open at 5pm. (Closed for lunch.)
· J.P. Licks: All stores are open except Newton Center and Legacy Place.
· Ki Bistro: Open for dinner, 5pm-10pm. (Closed for lunch.)
· Kika Tapas: Open at 5pm.
· The Kirkland Tap & Trotter: Open. Three courses for $35/person, served family-style.
· Kitchen: Open for dinner.
· Knight Moves: Open. $7 snow day admission special.
· KO Catering & Pies: Both locations open.
· LA Burdick: Open.
· The Lansdowne Pub: Open at 4pm. Half-priced apps.
· Legal Sea Foods: All locations open. (Dedham and Framingham don't open until 4pm.)
· Life Alive: Cambridge location open until further notice. (Lowell and Salem locations closed.)
· Lincoln Tavern and Restaurant: Open at 1pm for pizza, wings, and full bar.
· The Living Room: Open and offering a special French onion soup.
· Local 149: Open at 1pm for "beer, burgers, and snow day fun." Dinner served until 10pm; bar bites and burgers available 11pm-midnight.
· Lone Star Taco Bar: Open regular hours (11am-2am).
· Lower Depths: Open regular hours.
· Lucca: Both locations are open.
· Lucky's Lounge: Open.
· Marliave: Open.
· Mass Ave Tavern: Open.
· Mei Mei: Open.
· The MET restaurants: Open.
· Michael's Deli: Open.
· M.J. O'Connor's: Both locations open.
· Moody's Delicatessen: Open.
· Mr. Bartley's Burger Cottage: Open.
· Mystic Brewery: Open from 3pm-7pm for growler fills.
· Noor Mediterranean Grill: Open for lunch and dinner; also delivering.
· North End Fish Market: Open.
· Olde Magoun's Saloon: Open (and it's Belgian Fest Wednesday).
· Ole: Open and offering free hot chocolate with purchase of an entree.
· Otto: All locations open.
· Papagayo: Open.
· Parish Cafe: Both locations open regular hours.
· PARK: Open regular hours.
· Pasta Beach: Open.
· Pavement: All locations open. (May close a tiny bit early tonight.)
· El Pelon: Open.
· Pennypacker's: Restaurant is open. (Truck is off the road.)
· Phoenix Landing: Open.
· Poe's Kitchen at the Rattlesnake: Open regular hours.
· Porters Bar & Grill: Open regular hours.
· Post 390: Open for lunch and dinner.
· Prezza: Open and offering a complimentary gnocchi bolognese appetizer if you order a glass of chianti at the bar.
· Puritan & Co.: Open at 5:30pm. Free hot cocoa.
· Redbones: Open until 11pm (kitchen closes at 10:30pm).
· Red Lantern: Open for dinner.
· Red Lentil: Open at 3pm. (Closed for lunch.)
· The Regal Beagle: Open.
· Restaurant Dante: Open regular hours (dinner 5:30pm-10pm; bar 2:30pm-close).
· Rialto: Open.
· Ribelle: Open.
· Row 34: Open for dinner at 5pm. (Closed for lunch.)
· Russell House Tavern: Open regular hours.
· The Salty Pig: Open.
· Salumeria Italiana: Open 10am-6pm (but may close a little early depending on business).
· Sandrine's Bistro: Open for dinner at 5:30pm. (Closed for lunch.)
· Saus: Open for now but may close later.
· Sherman Cafe & Market: Open.
· Skipjack's: Open in Boston.
· Smith & Wollensky: Open (Atlantic Wharf and Back Bay).
· Smoken' Joe's: Open.
· Solas: Open.
· Some 'Ting Nice: Open at 4pm. (Closed for lunch.)
· Sorriso: Open.
· South Street Diner: Open.
· Spoke Wine Bar: Open.
· Squeeze Juice Bar: All three locations are open.
· Starbucks: All Boston locations open.
· Stats Bar & Grille: Open.
· Stephanie's on Newbury: Open.
· Stephi's in Southie: Open at 11:30am.
· Stephi's on Tremont: Open at 11:30am.
· Sterlings: Open.
· Stockyard: Open.
· Strega: Strega Prime in Woburn and Strega Waterfront are both offering a variety of $5 bar bites starting at 4pm.
· Strip-T's: Open at 5pm.
· Sunset Grill and Tap: Open until 1am.
· Sweet Caroline's: Open.
· Sweet Cheeks: Open.
· Sycamore: Open.
· Tango: Open at 5pm.
· Tasty Burger: Open.
· Tavern Road: Open.
· Temple Bar: Open regular hours.
· Tico: Open.
· The Tip Tap Room: Open regular hours.
· Tossed: Open.
· Towne Stove and Spirits: Open.
· TRADE: Open.
· Troquet: Open for dinner (but no valet parking as long as ban is in effect).
· Ula Cafe: Open.
· Veggie Galaxy: Open.
· Via Matta: Open.
· Ward 8: Open at 5pm. Offering a special drink called "Tom and Giselle," the bar manager's interpretation of the classic Tom & Jerry, using homemade fluff instead of whipped egg whites. Served hot, $8.
· Warehouse: Open.
· West Bridge: Open.
· The Wine & Cheese Cask: Open regular hours (10am-10pm).
· Za: Both locations open.
· Zebra's Bistro and Wine Bar: Open.
· Zocalo: Open in Back Bay at 3pm. $2 tacos and drink specials.
· Les Zygomates: Open.

· 7 Star Street Bistro: Closed.
· Area Four: Cafe is closed all day and restaurant is closed for lunch with dinner service to be determined.
· Baja Taco Truck: Off the road.
· The Barking Crab: Closed for lunch.
· Blue Inc.: Closed for lunch. (Open for dinner.)
· Blue on Highland: Closed for lunch.
· Blue Ribbon BBQ: Both locations are closed.
· Cafe Burrito: Closed.
· Cafe de Boston: Closed.
· Cafe Mangal: Closed.
· Captain Marden's Cod Square: Off the road.
· Carlo's Cucina Italiana: Closed.
· The Chicken & Rice Guys: Off the road today.
· The Chubby Chickpea: Truck is off the road.
· Commonwealth: Closed for lunch. (Will possibly open for dinner.)
· Da Vinci Ristorante: Closed.
· Dot2Dot Cafe: Closed.
· East by Northeast: Closed.
· Eat at Jumbo's: Closed for now; may open later in the day.
· Farmstead Table: Closed for lunch. (Trying to open at 5pm for dinner.)
· Green Bean Mobile Cafe: Off the road today.
· The Harp: Closed.
· Izakaya Ittoku: Closed.
· jm Curley: Closed for lunch. (Open at 5pm.)
· JP Licks: Newton Center and Legacy Place locations are closed. (All others are open.)
· Ki Bistro: Closed for lunch, 11am-5pm. (Open for dinner.)
· Lala Rokh: Closed.
· Latin Spoon: Off the road today.
· The Local: All locations closed for lunch.
· Lumiere: Closed.
· Madrona Tree: Closed.
· MF Dulock: Closed.
· Momogoose: All locations closed for the day.
· Ned Devine's: Closed.
· Nourish Your Soul: Both locations closed for the morning. (New South Boston location might open later in the day.)
· Pennypacker's: Truck is off the road. (Restaurant is open.)
· Red Lentil: Closed for lunch. (Open at 3pm.)
· Robin's Candy: Both locations closed.
· Root: Closed for the morning. Later hours TBD.
· Row 34: Closed for lunch. (Open for dinner at 5pm.)
· Roxy's Grilled Cheese: Off the road today.
· Sabzi: Closed.
· Sandrine's Bistro: Closed for lunch. (Open for dinner at 5:30pm.)
· Sa Pa: Closed.
· Sate Grill: Closed.
· Seta's Cafe: Closed.
· Some 'Ting Nice: Closed for lunch. (Open at 4pm.)
· Taco Party: Off the road today.
· The Taco Truck: Off the road today.
· Tavern in the Square: Open in Porter Square and Central Square. Other locations not yet confirmed.
· Tornado Restaurant and Lounge: Closed for lunch.
· Wow BBQ: Off the road for now (no Northeastern today). May open later.
· Zo: Both locations are closed.