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Will the Restaurant Week Revamp Succeed?

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Restaurant Week as we know and love and/or hate it is done. This March, the Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau is renaming and revamping itDine Out Boston, as it will now be called, will take place from March 16-21 and March 23-28, and it will feature different tiers of pricing instead of the usual fixed price across the board. Restaurants can offer lunches for $15, $20, or $25 and/or dinners for $28, $33, or $38 to participate, and there are no requirements for a particular number of courses.

Time will tell if the new system will work well for restaurants and for customers. At the surface, it's a span of two weeks when Bostonians are encouraged to dine out more than usual, perhaps trying new places — a seemingly good thing all around, right? But will the new pricing structure eliminate past frequent Restaurant Week complaints like restaurants not living up to their usual standards and customers never intending to return to pay regular prices? Is a new name and a difference of a few dollars a plate enough of a change to turn things around? Chime in below with your thoughts, or hit up the tipline if you'd like to share a story anonymously.
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