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Which Massachusetts Pizza Style Reigns Supreme?

Photo: Santarpio's/Cal Bingham

On a national level, the battle for the best regional style of pizza can be quite contentious, from those who believe New York City pizza is the definition of pizza to those who would rather indulge in a deep-dish in Chicago. But on a state level, we've got a microcosm of the pizza world, with styles ranging from Italian (Neapolitan vs. Sicilian) and Greek to bar pizza on the South Shore and beach pizza on the North Shore. Then there are "upscale" flatbreads — do those count as pizza? — and an assortment of other variations.

For today's open thread, we want to know what you think is Massachusetts' definitive style of pizza, and who does it the best. Where's the perfect pub pie? The most irresistible Sicilian? What other styles are lurking in the corners of the suburbs and the far reaches of the state? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below, emailing the tipline, or sending an anonymous tip.
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