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Share Your Pizza Feelings

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Calling all lovers of pizza — and haters, too. We'd love your input on a variety of pizza-related questions. To share your thoughts and feelings on any or all of the following vital topics, simply leave a comment below, send an email via the tipline, or submit an anonymous tip.

The questions:
· What's your absolute favorite overall pizza in the Boston area?
· How about slices, specifically? Is your answer different?
· What's your favorite weird/crazy/unusual pizza in the Boston area?
· What's your favorite local place to get pizza that is not really a pizza place?
· What is your personal definition of pizza? (Do flatbreads, deep-dish pizza, breakfast pizza, dessert pizza, etc. count, or are those pizza-like entities that are not actually pizza?)
· If you were able to ask any chef in town who does not typically make pizza to make you a pizza, who would it be and why?
· What does Boston do well in the pizza world, and what is lacking?
· What's your first pizza memory?

· All open threads on Eater [~EBOS~]

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