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Monsour & Chudy's Burger Cookbook Is Coming

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Photo: Richard Chudy (left) and Samuel Monsour

That burger cookbook that former jm Curley executive chef Sam Monsour mentioned a few months back? It's happening for real. Monsour and co-author/co-burger-obsessed-person Richard Chudy, author of the Boston Burger Blog, have announced that they'll be publishing their book in April 2015 with Union Park Press, a company that tends to focus on local food and drink-related titles.

Back in November, Monsour had this to say about the cookbook: "We're trying to come at it in a very non-traditional sense and make it useful, fun, and edgy. We want to address some political issues when it comes to the American food system and tie them into a burger. It's only going to be beef burgers. There's no turkey burger bullshit. There's no salmon burger. There's no veggie burger. Fuck that. This is a book about burgers and American culture, because those two things go hand in hand."

"If we can inspire somebody to make a better choice," he continued, "that can have a huge footprint. People in America eat 38 million burgers every day. So if one million of those burgers were made in a better fashion tomorrow because one million people gave a shit, that's going to make a huge impact, whether they bought an organic tomato, or a local bun, or humane raised beef. Maybe they bought an artisanal cheese from around the corner to put on their burgers instead of going to a fast-food chain that doesn't give a shit."
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