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Toro NYC Bar Bites at Clio; Pepper-Eating at El Pelon

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BACK BAY — Not satisfied that you're getting an appropriate taste of Toro NYC while eating at the original Toro in Boston? Not to worry — just head to Clio's bar for "a limited time" to try out bar bites straight from the Toro NYC menu, like abalone with brown butter, parsley and migas ($24) or fried chicken liver with stuffed sage leaves ($9). [FB]

ON TELEVISION — 18 new episodes of Wahlburgers, the reality show about the Wahlbergs' burger restaurant, Wahlburgers, have been ordered by A&E. [Hollywood Reporter via EN]

FENWAY/BRIGHTON — Heat-seekers have until April to prepare for the qualifying round of El Pelon's chili pepper eating contest, which will take place on the first Wednesday in May. To qualify, go to either location on a Wednesday night in April and eat 15 habaneros in 15 minutes. There's an entry fee of $15, but you'll get a snazzy t-shirt (and 15 peppers). [Kompster]
[Photo: Clio/Official Site]


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