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This Will One Day Be Coppersmith, a Giant Playground of Food Trucks, Coffee, and More

The South Boston restaurant, located in a former copper manufacturing space, is aiming for a spring 2015 opening.

This will one day be Coppersmith.
This will one day be Coppersmith.

It's been nearly a year since word of Coppersmith (or Coppersmith Hall, as it has also been called, or Coppersmith 1894, which it now appears to be called) first appeared. Recently, the South Boston restaurant-to-be began developing an online presence (websiteFacebookTwitter), and all channels now point to spring 2015 as the target opening date.

The early reports indicated that the nearly-250-seat "affordable" restaurant would include a bar, an outdoor patio, a rooftop garden, "farm-to-table" comfort food, and two food trucks inside the actual space, "supplement[ing] the main menu and provid[ing] space for cooking competitions and other events."

video posted back in May shared a few more details, from "family-style recipes" to "exposed brick." The aforementioned food trucks will actually be bolted to the wall, and in addition to cooking competitions, they could also be used for demonstrations and nutrition education, according to the video. Also, through a program called Coppersmith Works, young adults will have a chance to take their first steps in the hospitality industry by working at the restaurant.

Coppersmith's Facebook page promises "a spacious, welcoming, and vibrant restaurant," which will also include a coffee shop, and the cuisine will be "hand-crafted rustic comfort food."

Work finally began in mid-September 2014, and the most recent Facebook dispatch from just a few days ago was the debut of a logo. Stay tuned for more updates, and hit up the tipline with any intel.

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