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Peek Inside Ames Street Deli, Your New Destination for Crazy Sandwiches

Here's a look inside the Kendall Square newcomer.

A couple weeks ago, the team behind Journeyman and Backbar opened the doors to their third venture, Ames Street Deli. Located on Ames Street (naturally) in Kendall Square, this coffee shop/bakery/deli offers a cozy spot for folks to grab and go or stay and linger. Fitting in with the neighborhood, the spot has a modern, industrial feel to it with high exposed ceilings, painted cement walls, and industrial finishes. A splash of nature gets added to the mix with tall beams that are covered in moss. Copper plates hang dramatically from the ceiling, welcoming people into the new space.

The coffee bar, which sits to the front of the space, right up against the floor-to-ceiling windows, has a shiny new expresso maker, and the whirring sounds of foaming and frothing milk fill the space. Brightly colored plates and bowls add an exciting pop of color, while mismatched coffee mugs provide a personal and homey touch. The menu, which is written on an oversized chalkboard, hangs above the coffee station.

In front of the coffee station, a refrigerated display case shows off all sorts of baked goods and treats. On the top of the display case, more little candies and specialty items are for sale. Beyond these treats, a table of even more treats, like Vietnamese coffee muffins and house-made marshmallows, are available. This table also houses all the coffee fixings, and there's a nearby register where people can place their orders. Past the register, a large bar snakes its way around the back wall. It's midday, and it's full of people already. Not all are imbibing, but for those who are, there's a plethora of spirits that await on wooden shelves.

To the right of the bar, there's an open kitchen where chefs are preparing dishes for guests. Looking above the kitchen and bar area, you'll see a large window that is under construction. Eventually it will be an open seating space for guests to get a bird's-eye view of all of the action. Tucked away in the corner to the far left, chairs are available for those who wish to linger, and a long table lines the window, providing the perfect spot for people-watching.


9 Sanborn Court, Somerville, MA 617 718 2333 Visit Website


7 Sanborn Court, , MA 02143 (617) 249-3522 Visit Website

Ames St. Deli

73 Ames St, Cambridge, MA (617) 374-0701