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Bone Up Brewing Company Could Open in Everett Next Summer

The fledgling company has a brewery and taproom in the works.


Bone Up Brewing Company brews "classic American pre-prohibition styles using Belgian techniques," according to its website, focusing on "straightforward, easy-drinking beers" that let you "get to the bottom of your glass without even realizing it." The slogan, too, is straightforward: "Made From Ingredients."

Founder Jared Kiraly has been filling his life with beer research, brewing, and related jobs for the past decade, and now his Everett-based company is getting ready to launch around summer 2015, depending on the always-fun permitting process and everything that goes with it. It'll be located on Tileston Street.

Kiraly's "pilot batches" includes brews like an IPA called "Wasted Life," a white fruit beer called "Key Lime Pie" that is "actually a good fruit beer" and not "a glassful of disappointment," and an imperial stout called "Chocolate Orange."

Keep an eye on Bone Up's social media channels (FacebookTwitter) for updates.