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Fleck Will Caffeinate Newton Highlands Next Month

The coffee and espresso shop is aiming to open in mid-January.


Newton Highlands is getting a new "independently owned specialty coffee shop" called Fleck next month, according to a job posting on Craigslist seeking "coffee professionals/baristas."

According to the coffee shop's website, here's why it's called Fleck:

"Our name is derived from flecking (aka. tiger flecking), which is a term for the patterns of tiny coffee particles on the top of an espresso shot. This can help indicate a good extraction and proper grind."

Fleck will also serve pastries, and espresso will be brewed on this pretty Strada by La Marzocco. The project has been in the works since at least September 2013, according to Facebook, and the team is aiming for a mid-January opening at 1169 Walnut Street.

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