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BU Student Wants to Open Breakfast Restaurant Called Origin

Ideally located in Cambridge, the restaurant would deliver breakfast to students. A Kickstarter campaign is underway.


Boston University student Jinglun Gui has realized that college students who have early classes are really bad at feeding themselves breakfast, especially in the winter. To remedy this, she wants to open a breakfast-focused restaurant in Cambridge, and she's using Kickstarter to raise $40,000 to do so. It'll be called Origin ("It means the original taste of food and the energy we need for a whole day is from food," she writes on Kickstarter.) Dishes will change seasonally; for example, in warm weather, there will be a focus on cold dishes and drinks to "help you get rid of those hot feelings and let you enjoy the summer."

The key piece of the equation is getting breakfast right into the hands of hungry students right at the start of their early classes. To that end, the plan is to do deliveries to specific locations at 10 different area schools each morning. Students would have the option of signing up for a semester-long plan rather than paying each day, too.

If she raises the $40,000, she writes that she'd be able to get up and running "within a month," which seems quite a bit ambitious considering the difficulties of the permitting process. The campaign lasts until January 2.

Gui shares a few potential dishes on the Kickstarter page: a fried egg with various sour and sweet options, a seaweed salad, and dumplings ("Fried? No no no!") in a broth with seaweed and dried small shrimp.