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Luke's Lobster Is Really Coming to Boston (Maybe)

Boston needs more lobster rolls, right?

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A Luke's Lobster location in New York City
A Luke's Lobster location in New York City

In summer 2013, New York-based Luke's Lobster confirmed rumors that it would be bringing its lobster rolls to Boston in the "near future." It's been awhile since then, but now it's really happening, according to a tweet from the Boston Herald's Donna Goodison, who reports that it'll be in the Avalon Exeter apartment tower in Back Bay.

The growing chain, which offers seafood sourced from Maine, now has locations in New York City, DC, and beyond. Owner Luke Holden is a Maine native who "launched a lobster company while still in high school," according to the restaurant's website. But when he moved to New York, he was sad to find gross, overpriced lobster rolls, a problem he wanted to fix.

Luke's Lobster's lobster rolls are served on buttered, toasted, split-top buns with "a swipe of mayo, a sprinkle of lemon butter, and a dash of [their] secret spices." Also on the menu: lobster grilled cheese (only in the winter), chowder, "Noah's Ark" (two half rolls of lobster, crab, and shrimp; four crab claws; two chips; two pickles; two sodas), and more. There's also beer and wine.

UPDATE: "We love Boston but have no solid plans to open at this point," tweeted Luke's Lobster this afternoon. Goodison replied with evidence that they've put in a request to the zoning board for the occupancy of that address to include a fast-food restaurant, to which Luke's clarified: "The start of months of zoning work before we even consider that spot an option. Sorry!"

Luke's Lobster (Back Bay)

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