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Don't Forget to Tip Your Eater

Eater is hungry for your gossip and intel. Feed Eater.

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As busy fall transitions into chillier days, we just wanted to remind you, dear readers, to keep those tips coming, particularly regarding exciting winter openings. There are numerous ways that you can get in touch with us, whether you want to share some hot gossip, ask a question, rant about something, show us a photo, or just say hello. You are our eyes and ears. Something interesting's happening in that empty storefront down the street? A celeb is dining out somewhere in town? A chef from another city is moving in? The next cronut has been invented? You can't believe we never cover your neighborhood? Let us know!

To get in touch by email, simply drop us a line at or use this form. (Your anonymity will be protected.) On social media, find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. We also have a pool on Flickr, where you're encouraged to share your food porn and other restaurant-related photos.

A recent development — we now have forums, including a Boston-specific one. Find it right here, and start chatting with us.

And finally, you can also sign up for our newsletter, which will magically appear in your inbox each weekday evening with links to some of the day's top stories (plus occasional contests and other fun things).