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The Harvard Square Finale Meets Its End

The bakery and "desserterie" closed over the weekend. The Park Plaza location remains open.

The remaining Finale location at Park Plaza
The remaining Finale location at Park Plaza

Finale has shuttered its 12-year-old Harvard Square location (30 Dunster Street), reports the Harvard Crimson, which notes that the general manager at the remaining Park Plaza location thought that the closure had to do with planned construction at the Smith Campus Center, where the dessert-focused restaurant was located. The company's once-popular Coolidge Corner location closed just under three years ago.

At Finale, customers can purchase baked goods, light lunches (mostly sandwiches), and non-alcoholic beverages in the bakery — or sit down for a full meal (or just dessert) in the restaurant. Wines, particularly ports and ice wines, are also available for those who stay to dine. (Cocktails, especially chocolate-based ones, have been on the menu in the past, but they are not currently listed on the website.) The expansive dessert menu includes sampling platters and other shareable options, making it a popular choice for dates. Where else can you just get dessert without feeling guilty about hogging a table in the dining room of a full-service restaurant?

Finale Desserterie & Bakery

1 Columbus Avenue, Boston, MA 02116 617 423 3184