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Boston May or May Not Get a Magical Winter Wonderland for Eating and Skating

The Polar Bar is coming to City Hall Plaza...or not.

Frost Ice Bar (unrelated to The Polar Bar, and probably colder)
Frost Ice Bar (unrelated to The Polar Bar, and probably colder)
Chris Coe for Eater

Last week, Boston Restaurant Talk spotted an intriguing Craigslist post about the opening of a restaurant and bar called The Polar Bar as part of a concept called Winter's Landing, apparently being built this winter at City Hall Plaza. According to the post, the 20,000-square-foot "contemporary" restaurant would span two floors and feature glass walls all around, overlooking a brand new Olympic-sized skating rink called Frozen Harbor, located right on the plaza. The Polar Bar would serve brunch, lunch, and dinner every day.

But the Globe quickly dashed everyone's dreams a little bit. Despite the immediacy of the job posting and even a scheduled job fair, the mayor's office told the Globe that there are still multiple permits that must be secured, and an engineer hasn't even made sure that the plaza can physically support an ice rink yet.

If the project does come to life, it's unclear what will happen to The Polar Bar in the summer. While the ice rink would obviously be seasonal, what about the rest of the structure? Could it even be ready in time for this winter? A Facebook page for Winter's Landing promises renderings soon but doesn't share a timeline. In the meantime, ice enthusiasts can always shiver through a cocktail or two at the year-round Frost Ice Bar, located nearby.

Here's what the chilly Frost Ice Bar (which is unrelated to The Polar Bar, which will most likely not be made of ice) looks like, in case you haven't been there yet:

Frost Ice Bar

Faneuil Hall Market Place, Boston, MA 02109 617-307-7331