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Ice Cream Shop Owner Allegedly Gets Teens to Do His Dirty Work With Boozy Bribes

Ice cream is serious business in Cape Cod, where an ice cream shop owner allegedly had his teen employees vandalize a rival shop.

Lazy Sundaes Ice Cream
Lazy Sundaes Ice Cream
Yelp/Russell R.

Lazy Sundaes Ice Cream owner and pun offender David Ariagno has been charged with various counts of damaging and destroying property, as well as contributing to the delinquency of his workers, for allegedly convincing three of his teen employees to vandalize Somerset Creamery, a nearby ice cream shop. Ariagno allegedly smoked pot with the employees and rewarded them with booze and money for the acts of vandalism, which occurred around Memorial Day. Somerset Creamery's windows were broken by rocks on multiple occasions. (The teens, for their part, have been charged with malicious destruction of property, according to the Herald.)

The teens apparently realized things had gone too far when Ariagno told them to puncture tires of staff and customer cars at the nearby Lobster Trap restaurant, according to the Cape Cod Times.

Both ice cream shops are located on Route 28A in Cataumet.