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Poutine Tots and Camel Burgers Are Coming, and Inman Square Will Never Be the Same

The revamped Inman Square location of Bukowski Tavern could open next week. Here are some new menu items.

Getting everything ready.
Getting everything ready.

It's been nearly half a year since the Cambridge location of Bukowski Tavern shut down for renovations. Now, according to a press release, the redone restaurant could open next week. As previously reported, chef Brian Poe is buying into the two Bukowski locations, which are part of Gordon Wilcox's hospitality group — which includes other restaurants that Poe already co-owns (The Tip Tap Room, Estelle's, and Poe's Kitchen at the Rattlesnake).

The Back Bay Bukowski Tavern will eventually get a menu upgrade as well, but for now, it'll just be the Cambridge outpost that offers camel burgers, gator dogs, kangaroo meatballs, and poutine tots. (Game enthusiasts on the Boston side of the river can always get their fill at The Tip Tap Room in Beacon Hill.)

Despite the changes, loyal fans of the old Bukowski should rest assured that the mug club isn't going away, according to the press release. Stay tuned for an imminent opening. Here's a look at Poe's new dishes that will be joining the menu:

Bukowski Tavern (Inman Square)

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