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These Are the Most Random Search Terms That Brought You Weirdos to Eater Boston in 2014

Here are some of the strangest search terms that dropped readers off on Eater Boston's virtual doorstep this year.

This is an "angry vegan," according to Shutterstock.
This is an "angry vegan," according to Shutterstock.
Shutterstock/Rommel Canlas

  • Can you smash a tree with bare hands?
  • Do vodka muffins get you drunk?
  • How bad is The Pizza Underground?
  • How to menten my perfect figer [sic]
  • Omnipresent fish
  • People will steal everything
  • Poisonous spiders found on bananas
  • Pumpkin porn
  • Sanctimonious vegans
  • Sandy vomit in a person
  • Should scorpion bowls be red or yellow?
  • Some nice porn
  • Spankings in New Orleans
  • What does it means if guy friend say sweet cheeks? [sic]
  • Where do Puritans go to ski?
  • Who invented the ice cream sandwich?
  • Why are vegans so angry?
  • Why is Jordi's brother a chicken?
  • Why is well-done steak wrong?
  • Yelpers suck
  • Yes you can
  • You made it to Las Vegas and earned a firework for July 4th in Philly!
  • You're eating fake tortillas