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Rejoice: Villa Mexico Cafe Will Rise Again

The beloved shuttered gas station burrito shop is headed downtown.

Villa Mexico in the works
Villa Mexico in the works

There once was a glorious time when burrito enthusiasts could satiate their cravings at a little shop called Villa Mexico, nestled inside a gas station on the edge of Beacon Hill. Then, nearly a year ago, Villa Mexico (and the gas station) were forced out to make way for a new development. But the spirit of the restaurant has lived on through the sale of salsa, catering, and a few tantalizing rumors of a new location.

Now, it appears that that new location is really happening. Based on a few clues posted to Facebook this week and a little bit of Google Street View magic, it can be deduced that Villa Mexico will begin its new life at 121 Water Street in downtown Boston, not far from Faneuil Hall. No word yet on a timeline, but new windows apparently went in recently.

The restaurant declines to confirm the exact address at this time but bids you to keep an eye on their Facebook page for any announcements.

In addition to burritos, Villa Mexico offers quesadillas, tacos, flautas, and more.