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Kindred Tea & Tonic Cafe Opens for Retail Today in Davis Square

The full cafe should open early next year.

Some of the retail offerings at Kindred Tea & Tonic Cafe
Some of the retail offerings at Kindred Tea & Tonic Cafe

Originally announced back in July 2012, Kindred has been a long time coming, but now the "tea and tonic cafe" is taking a big step towards opening. Starting today, December 2, the retail portion is open, offering loose teas, house-made syrups and shrubs, tea accessories, and other products, according to the cafe's Facebook page.

The bottled syrups and shrubs feature locally sourced, organic fruits and herbs when possible, and Kindred recommends that you try mixing them with sparkling water, still water, or spirits "to make your own tonic."

The full cafe ("a 10-seat, vinyl-playing, laid-back cafe") will open early in 2015, offering "kickin' beverages, house-made baked goods, and light meals," according to Kindred's website. The food will be vegetarian and locally sourced "with taste, health, and flare in mind." Keep an eye out for tea ice creams.

Current hours are 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Tuesday through Saturday and "some Sundays by chance." Kindred is owned by Carla DeLellis, who also owns Johnny D's, located right next door.

Kindred Tea & Tonic Cafe
11 Holland Street
Somerville, MA (857) 523-5516
(857) 523-5516