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BISq Will Make Sure You Get Your Fill of Pickled Pigs Ears and Octopus Salami

The debut menu has been unleashed into the wild for the upcoming Bergamot sibling.

From fried and pickled pigs ears to "grandmom's meatballs," octopus salami to beef heart corzetti, charcuterie boards to sausages, there's a little something for every meat (and seafood) lover at BISq, opening in early January in Inman Square. Dan Bazzinotti is chef de cuisine of the upcoming Bergamot sibling, and his love of charcuterie-making is no secret.

Zagat has a sneak peek at the debut food menu, which is comprised entirely of dishes made to be shared. On the beverage side, wine director Kai Gagnon spoke with Eater earlier in the fall about what he plans on featuring (northern France, Austria, and Germany).


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